Chosen was born in 2008, amidst a financial crisis that lured many into a time of need. During a church service in North Austin, the pastor, choosing to do all but beat around the bush, invited his congregation to raise their hands if they were struggling monetarily. Hands raised all over the church. He continued asking more specific questions, leaving only a few hands in the air. He chose a woman in the back to come forward. We sank low in our chairs, utterly shocked that she was being subjected to a crowd because of her unknowing humility.

        The second-hand awkwardness was palpable amidst the pews. After being questioned by the pastor, we found out that she had been laid off of work and was entirely unsure how she was going to pay her rent before her next job commenced.

You know, as a church family, don’t you think we are called to help out our neighbor? To give to our brothers and sisters in their time of need?

          The pastor’s convicting question had people from every corner of the church flooding forward with donations instantly. Others who had raised their hands were gifted with donations in individual displays of generosity in the pews. What had started as a horribly awkward moment ended in one of the most powerful movements of giving we had ever witnessed.

          What if we could multiply what we had seen in church that day? We dreamt of creating a way to connect cases of need with a community of supporters that would lend a helping hand when it was needed most. The challenge was, and continues to be, that we are too often unaware of the need in our own backyards. Our mission quickly began to make close-to-home needs known, and to offer them financial gifts free of embarrassment, scrutiny, or overhanging expectations.

          As Chosen’s impact grows in our community, we remember the boldness of the pastor who inspired us to leverage the simplicity of giving to radically change a life.


We hope you choose to join us on this beautiful mission,